Contacting Sharon

Thank you for visiting the Sharon Cramer’s website! We hope you'll come back often. Please use the contact form on this page to send the author an email directly!

You can also download a Press Kit, which includes an author bio, author photo, and press releases for The Execution, Risen, and The Cerulean Star: Liberty!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I contact Sharon? The best way is through Sharon’s Facebook page!
    2. How can I order books? You can order Sharon's books here!
    3. In what order should I read Sharon's books? The Execution series should be read in the order of The Execution, Risen, Niveus.
      The Cerulean Star series should be read in the order of Liberty, Sartek, Isara, David, Blalok, Alexander.
    4. When is Sharon Cramer coming to my town? The best way to see where Sharon will be is on her News page!
    5. Where can I find a complete list of Sharon Cramer's books? You can find a complete list of Sharon Cramer’s books here!
    6. How can I get a signed Sharon Cramer book? Watch for giveaways on her Facebook page or hit her up at an event. She’s always happy to visit with fans!
    7. Are there any movies coming out based on Sharon Cramer's books? The Execution is being considered for screenplay and/or scripted television. More news to come!