Stumbling Blocks & Philosophy

I believe that everyone on the face of the planet has something they are BETTER at than anyone else. Guess what, I also believe that the vast majority never discover what that gift is…don’t even look for it.

The journey to discovery can be confusing. As we are driven to the light of creativity, love, happiness, it seems like stumbling blocks fall in front of us from all angles. Corruption, deceit, lies…all can manifest in a dishonest person or business which can derail your greatest efforts.

How do you negotiate those moments? The setbacks can seem so disheartening and overwhelming. But this is no race! No, it is an adventure! So stay true to your journey. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes the iniquity and ugliness pushes you a direction you don’t anticipate, and in that direction you will find an open door. Don’t try to kick in the open door, just go through it…you may be surprised what you find on the other side.

I want to give a shout-out to Wally Lane, @WallyLane, amazing writer, teacher, mentor, and now…friend. Thank you for stepping through the door with me.

Wally Lane


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